Water Saver Bentomix - 5 kg

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Water Saver minimizes irrigation water wastage effectively.

It is a natural product that alters the behaviour of water in the soil, acting like a sponge to soak up water effectively and holding it in place in the soil. Water saver in the root zone of plants increases water retention where it is most needed and reduces the frequency of irrigation, saving water significantly.

• Water Saver offers major advantages for the farmer: It saves up to 40-50% of irrigation water and retain nutrients in the root zone for better plant growth and productivity.
• The minimum Water Holding Capacity (WHC): 400%
• It is natural and has no polymers
• Saves of irrigation by water 40-50%
• Reduces frequency of irrigation
• Ensures higher yield
• High fungicidal effect
• Stronger roots
• Improved organic content
• Environment friendly

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