Abu Deek, Organic Fertilizer, 100% Poultry Manure, Pellet Form - 5 kg

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100% poultry manure, heat treated. Free of weeds and weed seeds. Free of harmful bacteria, fungus, fusarium and nematodes. Free of toxic material, industrial waste and sludge.

• 100% poultry manure
• Fully organic and environmentally friendly and hence vital input on organic agriculture
• Thermally treated
• It’s safe
• No offensive smell compared to un-fermented fertilizer
• Stimulates germination
• Provides a source of natural growth hormones
• Enhances plant resistance to stress
• Provides naturally chelated trace elements along with major essential elements for healthy plant growth
• Improves soil structure and properties
• Free from weeds and weed seeds
• Free from toxic materials and industrial waste
• Free from sand and impurities

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