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Al-morooj is a balanced blend of decomposed manure from poultry and cattle specially prepared to supply the crops with its essential elements throughout the crop growing season. Fertilizing the crop with Al-Morooj manure shows no symptoms of any elements’ deficiency.

Al Morooj replenishes soil and fights the continuous depletion of organic matter in arid and semi-arid climates.

• Al-Morooj re-activates and restores life to the soil
• Al- Morooj is a vital input for organic agriculture
• Heat treated and free from nematodes, fusarium and soil borne diseases.
• Free from impurities, weeds and weed seeds
• It improves the soil structure and properties and increases its fertility and productivity
• A main source of essential elements
• Activates the crop root system and doubles the flowering and fruit setting
• Restores the soil microbial activity
• Stores moisture of up to 30 % of its weight

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