Eco Magic Vermi Compost - 5 kg

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Vermi composting is the breaking down of organic material through the use of worms, bacteria, and fungi.

The end product of vermicomposting is a substance called vermi compost or “worm castings”.

This is a nutrient rich organic substance that can be added to soil to increase its organic matter content and available nutrients.

• Manufactured to maintain the soil fertility and improve its properties
• Main source of essential plant nutrients in slow release form
• Reduces the need for chemical fertilizer and soil pesticides
• Reduces the soil alkalinity and maintains soil pH
• Free of weed and weed seeds
• Free of harmful bacteria, fungus, nematodes and soil borne disease
• Free of toxic material, industrial waste and sludge
• Rejuvenates soil microbial activity
• Free from offensive odour

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