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Special fertilizer for healthy growth of DATE PALM TREES. Al Nawaya fetilizer is an award winning product that is perfectly suited for date palms and all fruiting trees.
Al-Nawaya fertilizer contains animal manure, 70% cow dung, heat treated, enriched with amino acids and essential elements for date palm, with more concentration of magnesium.

The N-P-K are found in a balanced dose.
Al-Nawaya manure is characterised neutral pH with high ratio of calcium from organic source suitable for the date palm tree.

• A balanced manure manufactured from natural organic manure such as cow manure, enriched with 0.5% special marine decomposed neutral “SUPERBAN” additive
• 100% Natural manure, recommended in organic agriculture.
• Contains humic acid, fulvic acid and amino acid.
• For superior vegetative and re-productive growth of the date palm
• Ideal for organic farming
• A source for macro and micro elements essential to the healthy development of the date palm
• Free from weeds and weed seeds
• Free from toxic materials and industrial waste
• Free from sand and impurities
• Free from harmful bacteria, fungi and nematodes

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