Agrofish Pellet - 300 G

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Agrofish fertilizer is natural biological fertilizer produced from fish powder. It contains 60% total proteins and 10- 12% essential nutrients. Agrofish fertilizer is enriched with seaweeds, beneficial bacteria such as Azotobacter

and phosphate solubilising bacteria which enhances the availability of phosphorous.


Fish powder, 60% total protein of animal origin, blended with heat treated, fully decomposed organic manure, enriched with seaweed and beneficial bacteria, Azotobacterial and phosphate solubilising bacteria.


• Enriches soil with nutrients

• Enhances root and vegetative growth

• Increases yield at least 10-15%

• Results in increased flowering and budding

• Source of major and minor plants nutrients

• Rich source for beneficial bacteria to the soil

• Recommended in organic farms, capable of acting as reservoir for plant food.

• Increased usage of AGROFISH fertilizer helps the gardener to reduce levels of synthetic chemicals that may be detrimental to human health and environment

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