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A perfect and finest organic fertilizer for the gardens. Al Qusor fertilizer 100% organic fertilizer, is good for the environment and superior for gardens, villas, golf courses, public parks, lawns, nurseries, beach gardens, tennis courts, hotel gardens, palace gardens and football grounds.
Heat treated plant residues, blended with peat, enriched with beneficial bacteria such as azotobacterial& phosphate solubilising bacteria which enhances the availability of phosphorus.

Al Qusor fertilizer is free of odour and toxic chemicals

• Heat treated fertilizer
• Free of foul odour
• Safe to use
• Contains no toxic material or industrial waste or sludge
• Free of harmful bacteria, fungi, nematodes or fusarium
• Free from weeds and weed seeds
• Increases water holding capacity of sandy soils
• Establishes a desirable environment for micro-organism development in soil
• Produces thicker, greener and healthier foliage

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